The Importance of Consistency in Marketing and Business

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Consistency is key to growing your practice and succeeding where others have failed. However, consistency doesn’t mean self-reliance. As with any thriving business, successful dental practice owners recognize their strengths and challenges and surround themselves with the skill set needed for success. To run a successful practice, you must run a successful business. . Setting…

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The Healthcare Real Estate Core Process

The Healthcare Real Estate Core Process

At KLAS Solutions, we understand the intricacies of purchasing and selling healthcare real estate. Numerous nuances in the process can result in the savings or loss of tens of thousands of dollars. With our extensive experience and expertise in the healthcare real estate industry, you can count on our team for trusted representation, the most…

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Cigna to require medical records for all modifier 25 claims

Doctor and patient discussing medical exam results while sitting at the desk in clinic, close-up. Male physician using clipboard for filling up medication history record of young woman

In late May, Cigna announced that it will begin requiring the submission of medical records with all Evaluation and Management (E/M) claims with CPT 99212-99215 and modifier 25 when a minor procedure is billed.IModifier 25 allows separate payment for a significant, separately identifiable E/M service provided on the same day as a minor procedure or…

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KLAS Solutions – Coaching Proven Process

Coaching Proven Process

At KLAS Solutions, we understand how challenging it can be to run a dental office. You spend hours and hours managing your staff, putting out fires, and dealing with the pressures of numerous administrative responsibilities. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with no end in sight, KLAS Solutions is here to help. We will reduce your management…

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10 Strategies To Increase Your Practice’s Sale Value

10 Strategies To Increase Your Practice's Sale Value

Even though practice values continue to soar, not every dentist will benefit. Without proper planning and preparation, you could end up with as little as 50 percent of your practice’s true value. Here’s a look at ten strategies that will help increase the sales value of the practice you’ve worked so hard to build and…

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Effective Leadership: An Essential for Every Successful Practice

Effective Leadership

You don’t have to be born a “natural leader.” With training, everyone can grow and learn new skills to become a great leader.Here are some questions for self-reflection:1. Do I Lead By Example? Leadership starts with you. Leading by example is what successful leaders do. Not only will you inspire your team to strive for excellence,…

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How Implementing Our Soft Tissue Program Enhanced Hygiene Revenue By 200%

Benefits of A Soft Tissue Management Program

As a practicing dental hygienist for over 25 years, an educator, speaker and coach; I have had the privilege of observing and mentoring dental hygiene teams. Overall, hygienists have a strong desire to do what is ethically, morally, and more importantly, legally right for our patients. However, it became clear to me that the lack…

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Part Two: Equity Strategies if You Own the Real Estate

Real Estate

At the risk of stating the obvious, real estate ownership builds equity over time. For many physician groups, there is a benefit to unlocking that capital which would otherwise stay in the building and putting it better use. If you own the real estate that you practice out of, a Sale Leaseback transaction can be…

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Part One: Leveraging Assets Through Leasing

Real Estate Part 1 Leveraging Assets

Whether you lease or own real estate, there are lucrative strategic options you can leverage if you want to be smart about healthcare real estate plays.  We will be exploring various scenarios and examples that provide creative insights into how to expand your practice through leasing, or how to capture the maximum return on your…

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The Art of Leading Your Practice

The Art Of Leading Your Practice

What are Your Values? I am the middle of 5 children. My sister is the oldest by a few years and the four of us are separated in age by just 18 months. For a parent, four boys that close together will get and have your attention. When I was young, every year around her birthday I can remember asking my mom, “What do…

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Mentor Program – Actual client results!

Mentor Program - Actual client results!

Mentor Program Success “Molly Jones”Case Study Doctor’s Objectives Increase cash flow and savings (One-year plan)She is working with Phil Cole in the mentorship program and he reviews her personal expensesDevelop protocols for sleep/Myobrace/TMDShe is taking a course in October, but it would be beneficial to start creating a list of possible candidates so when she is…

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A Case Study In Selling Your Dental Practice

Case Studies

SituationAn agreed upon asset purchase of a dental practice was stalled due to disagreement over the real estate purchase price.Seller perspective—Seller arrived at a purchase price using an appraisal he received along with additional subjective estimated value add.Buyer’s perspective—Buyer believed the seller was asking $125,000 too much for the real estate purchase due to “comps”…

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