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We'd like to share with you a few of our favorite success stories.  Take these personal accounts as inspiration to make the same decision for your practice.  We treat our clients like family and we grow together as a result.

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Deb and Team

"In Dental School we don't learn much about managing a practice.  As a result, we became disorganized with collections and did not have good systems in place in a variety of areas.  The situation became very stressful.  My staff and I needed guidance and direction and KLAS provided that.  The Practice Health assessment identified all of our pain points and a plan was developed to address them. The practice is now financially stable and we can now focus more on our patients!"

Dr. Mason

Deb Speaking

"I knew where I wanted to take the practice but didn't know how to get us there.  The KLAS team provided us the tools, protocols and monitors to put in place to take us to the next level.  They gave me personal coaching that improved my leadership skills and helped make us a more cohesive unit.  Thank you KLAS!"

Dr. Smith

Small Team Photo

"The practice health assessment revealed we really needed to improve our hygiene program.  We were lacking cohesion as a team and there was tension in the air every day.  We moved to a more patient-centric approach and we are in such a better place now.  After the performance program, the morale of our entire team really improved and we became family again."

Dr. Ward

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