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Learn More about Ryan Hill and Coaching in the Healthcare Industry! 

Ryan is a business mentor and leadership coach with KLAS Solutions. KLAS provides
comprehensive business solutions for private practice dental clinics. Ryan has the privilege of
working closely with the other members of the company’s leadership team. Together they set
the direction for the company, and he integrates business systems and processes that provide efficiency and structure that promote company growth. Ryan got his start in business as a General Manager of a service company in Southern WI. He worked closely with the company’s
leadership team to grow the business through structure and process. He’s empowered by certifications as a business coach, a leadership trainer, and an EOS Worldwide business systems integrator.

Before having a role in business, for two decades Ryan lived his childhood dream of being a private school teacher, an athletic coach, and a school leader. He served schools in Texas and
Michigan. Working with students of all ages, he has had rich experiences learning with and from our youth. Engaging students through word pictures and critical questions was his favorite way
to teach. In so many ways, working with young people was very rewarding. Additionally, Ryan had a wider opportunity to serve school systems through training and working with school
leaders and teachers in a variety of ways. He was a mentor to new teachers and emerging school leaders as their gifts allowed them to take on greater responsibility. Privileged to be seen as a leader by his colleagues in both the educational and the leadership environment, he successfully served organizations and leaders with vision planning, core value identification, and goal setting.
Ryan brings value by being personally engaged with leaders who want to not only grow their businesses but also their leadership and life skills. He has a passion for working with individuals
who embrace personal accountability, desire a future full of success, but more importantly one filled with significance.

Ryan is married to Nicki, a successful business owner. They have two children, Morgan, a sales associate and trainer in Manhattan, NY and Aidan, a real estate agent in Southern Wisconsin.

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