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Ryan possesses a diverse and valuable background in the healthcare industry. By degree, he is a nutritionist who, in his early twenties, started selling high-end cookware door-to-door. Little did he know, this role would help cultivate practical skills, uncover unique abilities, and help form key relationships that would help propel him in his professional career. Ryan had the fortunate opportunity to learn from Zig Ziglar about his early career and teachings in the door-to-door cookware sales business. 

Ryan has always carried the philosophy that the quality of your relationships and questions dictate the quality of your life. His strong relationships opened doors in the professional dental sales industry roughly 10 years ago. During the past decade, Ryan has served in various capacities in the professional healthcare vertical, with an emphasis in the dental market.     

Ryan began his dental sales career by successfully mastering positioning differentiating products and services into practices across the country. These products and services required a deep clinical understanding and ability to grasp the business of dentistry from a holistic view. He evolved into a manager and mentor to a group of representatives to teach, implement, and impact as many practices as possible. 

As someone who always liked being uncomfortable and challenging himself, Ryan transitioned into selling dental implants. He deeply immersed himself into understanding the effective implant workflows, issues and gaps with clinicians and patients, and the tailored business modeling around implantology. His charisma, knack for curiosity, and heart to serve allowed him to help numerous practices implement an implant program into their practice and/or bolster their existing one.  

Additionally, Ryan had the great opportunity to sell capital equipment to dental professionals. In this role Ryan worked intimately with contractors, bankers, realtors, sales representatives, and practitioners. He had a developed a deep understanding and connectedness on land development, real estate, various construction trade work, space planning, clinical and patient workflow, project planning/management, and business/financial planning. Ryan was instrumental in helping doctors’ dreams and visions come to fruition through systematizing actionable steps. His success in this role came from the passionate desire to consult dental professionals on how to effectively approach a project of any size with a business/financial lens. 

Ryan also served as district manager for a nationwide healthcare IT company that focused on medical, dental, and veterinary. His goal was to maximize practitioners’ technology to allow each practice to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. Ryan’s success was in part of his genuine approach. He saw each client as a partner where he helped play the role of Chief Technology Officer. Most importantly, Ryan helped strategically create operational efficiencies through tailored processes and communications so practices could focus on clinical care for their patients. 

Over the last decade, Ryan has exuded an apparent desire to lead, an obsession to continually grow and learn, and make a lasting difference in whatever he does. Over the last two years, Ryan and his wife, Danielle, have been coaching small businesses in the healthcare and various professional fields. Their focus lies around relationships and how they profoundly impact everyone personally and professionally. They help empower individuals in their relationships so that they can soar in all areas of life. 

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