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Phil Cole is a graduate of Martin Luther College, with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.  Combining 17 years of experience in the dental industry, along with his teaching background, has allowed him to teach and assist a doctor from start to finish in their career.   A wealth of knowledge of dental supplies and equipment, practice management, and practice transitions are just a tip of his experience and knowledge. 

 Hard work and determination, along with putting his clients first has earned him many rewards.  One of those rewards was being a member of the Top Producer Club for over six years.  Working hard in all the areas of  the dental practice with hundreds of doctors from single practitioners to large groups has equipped him with a wealth of knowledge and experience that he puts to use for his clients.  The clients’ needs are always put first as to ensure the best success and well being for the doctor and his practice.  The goal is to create an environment that meets all the business needs throughout the whole career of the dentist.  From start to finish, the doctor will be treated with integrity.  

Phil Cole mentors doctors on how to create a practice business plan for their present and future.  He assesses all aspects of the practice to incorporate a customized business ownership plan. 

In order to create a comprehensive business plan, he addresses the emotional needs, personal elements, as well as all business aspects. Phil  takes all those characteristics into account when creating your plan.  With all the experience and resources necessary to create a team of professionals, he will support you throughout your career. Most importantly, each client is treated individually, with the utmost concern for their well being and their practice.  

Phil Cole also helps doctors to transition their practices.  He believes that every transition should be to make sure their transition is a simple, fair, and transparent transition. 

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