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For over 29 years, Lisa Cairns has been instrumental in creating leadership systems and guiding dental practices across the country to success. Lisa exemplifies a work ethic that all dental practice leaders can only dream of. Her entire career is founded on the principles of integrity, dedication and hard work which has lead her into many areas of a dental practice, including being a business owner herself. Lisa’s journey began as a Certified Dental Assistant where she found her true passion, dental health education. Lisa’s drive in the field of dentistry lead her to becoming a Dental Assistant Instructor, OSHA Instructor, Inventory Management Expert, and Dental Consultant/Speaker.

All of the practices Lisa has had the pleasure of working with would agree, she is committed to furthering the knowledge of the entire dental team for maximum performance towards professional and personal growth. It is clear, Lisa continuously applies herself to all facets of dentistry and always holds the best interest of any practice she works with. It is easy to see that Lisa’s own personal success is found within every practice she coaches.

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