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Joan (Mcgowan)Schofield started her career as a Certified Dental Assistant/EFDA working chair-side. From there, she moved into dental office management, introducing dental insurance programs, and finally taking a full commission sales position with the 3rd largest dental distributor in the country.  It was because of her dedication to her customers, her love of dentistry, and loyalty to her employer, that she gained success. Her work included selling merchandise, equipment, and ancillary services to hundreds of dentists and specialists, calling on private practices, labs, clinics, schools, and DSOs. As time when on, she continued to learn new techniques and skills. These allowed her to be creative about selling while maintaining her high level of ethics along the way. She also mentored many Territory Reps to help achieve success, teaching them the principles of good sales that she learned early in her career. She has always been respectful of her dental community and believes in never burning bridges. It was important to her to find an equitable solution to issues that arose for her Drs and their teams.

As the years progressed, Joan continued to grow with her company until the opportunity presented itself to begin a new chapter, working as a Practice Development Specialist with a growing equities-based DSO. Unfortunately, when the world changed around March 2020 and her new path came to a screeching halt.

Joan spent many months helping out family members, volunteering with several non-profits, and educating herself through on-line courses. She spent time honing her cooking skills, putting together 1000-piece puzzles, planting and harvesting her herb garden, cleaning (lots of cleaning) and watching way too many streaming series. Hanging out with her husband, Neil, and Daughter, Audrey, was a lot of fun and was a true blessing. She also realized that she still loved dentistry and wanted to be a part of it. She was searching for a different avenue.

Enter Phil Cole and KLAS Solutions. I’m so excited to join this team and bring the services that Phil has developed over the past 10 years to the Philadelphia suburbs and South Jersey areas. With my strong background in dentistry, I will work with you to find a perfect match in the quest for selling your dental home; your blood, sweat and tears.  Transitions can be hard, and to move forward from something you did for so long is challenging, but the right path and person is out there. KLAS Solutions and I are committed to helping you find them.

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