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Learn More about Chad Kagy and the Healthcare Industry! 

Chad Kagy works as a healthcare real estate advisor with KLAS Solutions out of the Kansas City office. He has 3 years’ experience with a national firm focused within the healthcare buyer/tenant niche and is excited to assist healthcare professionals with all their real estate needs through KLAS Solutions.

Prior to Chad becoming a Real Estate advisor he spent roughly 20 years as a professional BMX Freestyle athlete. To say Chad has a competitive nature is a bit of an understatement after fighting through multiple injuries to win X Games gold four times (15 total medals). Traveling the world touring with X Games, Nitro Circus, Tony Hawk, and Bikes Over Baghdad taught him strategic planning, time management, risk analysis, and contract negotiations. Real Estate gave Chad an opportunity to redirect his competitive edge while reducing the daily occupational hazards. 

Chad is a founding member of Bikes Over Baghdad, a BMX Freestyle team traveling to the middle east to support the troops deployed overseas since 2009. “Providing entertainment for the troops and thanking them in person for making this world free for the rest of us is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done on a bike” Kagy said. He also works with All Kids Bike, a non-profit with the mission to teach every child in America how to ride a bike in kindergarten PE class.

Chad resides in Overland Park, KS with his wife Kelly and their two young children. He still enjoys riding MTB and BMX in his free time outside work, kids sports, and fun family adventures.

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