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Anthony is an experienced executive leader.  Over the span of four decades, he has honed his skills in creating strategic vision and operational execution that has resulted in sustained growth and financial success.  He has held the positions of CEO, COO, and CFO which have provided him with experiences and tools to achieve focused sustainable success.

From his career start at a Fortune 100 company, Anthony understood the need for a symbiotic relationship between the organization’s human, financial, and operational issues. Accordingly, he has successfully grown and/or turned around companies in the service, manufacturing, and the healthcare industries.

In order to turn around a multi-location architectural practice, a manufacturing OEM conglomerate, and a group dental practice, Anthony closely worked with owners and management to identify and prioritize success factors that would lead to improved operational performance and financial stability . This collaborative approach provides the basis for a coordinated joint alignment.

In his most recent past, he successfully transitioned a financially and operationally distressed family-owned group dental practice into,now what is considered, the dental practice leader in Wisconsin. The transformation included recruiting and leading a high-performing leadership team.  Driven by his vision, the practice engaged Press Ganey, the leader in patient satisfaction, and used the survey results to guide changes that improved the practices reputation and overall patient acceptance. He guided the increase in mean score from the low seventies to achieving mean scores of 90 and above in nearly all 14 clinics. The practice was also an early adopter of patient satisfaction transparency by posting clinic and dentist scores along with patient comments on its website.  In doing so, the practice was recognized with the Press Ganey inaugural Transparency Award along with five other healthcare leaders, including The Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic to name a few.

Anthony’s strategic vision guided the practice to become accredited by The Accredited Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) as a dental home organization, meaning the practice delivers comprehensive, continually accessible, coordinated care. The accreditation along with patient satisfaction enhanced the dental practice’s reputation and was the engine to growing the practice from the original six locations to the current fourteen locations with 100 full-time multi-specialty dentist serving 220,000 Wisconsin patients.

Anthony’s current focus is to apply his knowledge and extensive experience into working with entrepreneurs and management leadership to improve their respective organization’s performance, encompassing culture, operations, financial, and both human and capital management. Anthony welcomes engaging with owners and management to explore ways to work together and achieve new heights.

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