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Proprietary process to meet the needs of both practice sellers and buyers

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Ground Up Construction

From initial vision sessions to final walkthrough we'll be there for you from start to finish

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Sale Leaseback

Capturing equity from your owned real estate office

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Having an experienced negotiator is EVERYTHING when it comes to leases

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Lease Renewals

We offer a Lease Evaluation process to uncover possible savings opportunities


Acquisitions (When Seller Owns the Real Estate):

Practice Acquisitions are the most emotionally charged of all transactions in real estate.  Acquisitions require extreme finesse to successfully satisfy both Seller and Buyer, that they were treated fairly.  KLAS has a proprietary process that meets the goals of the Seller and Buyer of the practice.  Even if a Buyer of the practice wishes to lease and the Seller of the practice wishes to sell the real estate, it’s not a problem!  We have the ability to sell the real estate at maximum value without harming the cash flow of the practice for the Buyer of the practice.  KLAS’ ability to ebb and flow with the variables of real estate safeguards the Seller so they mitigate losing an ideal Buyer of the practice.

Acquisitions (When Practice Is In A Lease):

When purchasing a practice that is in a lease scenario it is essential to review the lease in conjunction with the practice. We prepare a full lease analysis to identify any negotiable terms that may improve the practice cashflow. One such improvement can be negotiating a new lease altogether instead assuming an assignment. Presentation is everything. When and how to present negotiable terms to the landlord is crucial to capturing any available favorable terms.

Ground Up Construction

Ground up construction is a primary option when inventory in the right location for the specific use are unavailable.  Ground up construction can be a daunting task when experience and time are a factor.  Development of raw land has levels of complexities that are not forgiving to mistakes when it comes to costs.  KLAS has intimate knowledge with the process.  With our construction partners we can walk with you through the vision session, site analysis, design, architecture, and construction process.  KLAS has vetted partners with expertise to your specialty.  Whether you are working with traditional financing, you need to utilize creative partnership financing, or if a 100% finance development is preferred; we can help.

Sale Leaseback

Real Estate ownership builds equity over time. Generally, the purpose of this equity is to one day use it. Sale Leasebacks can be a profitable strategy to structure your own lease and sell the real estate to a 3rd party. Owners liquidate their equity for a variety of reasons. The equity can be used to finance new locations, over fund retirement packages, or be structured to avoid taxes by selling to a REIT that has an UPREIT option, etc. Sale leasebacks are a strategic option that should be understood by Owners as one possibility prior to selling the practice, or when a Buyer of the practice does not have interest in owning the real estate. If you are interested in reviewing your real estate value, call KLAS for a comprehensive Broker Opinion of Value to assist in your decision making process.


Commercial Real Estate ownership can be a long-awaited dream come true and feel like quite an accomplishment when opening your new office or purchasing the office space or building you are currently leasing.  There are a variety of nuances involved in making a purchase, some of which can result in the savings or loss of tens of thousands of dollars. We help with the early strategy and planning stages, finding the right location, evaluating a lease vs. purchase analysis, financing, cash flow, and long-term goals of building equity for your future exit strategy.

Once a decision is made to make a purchase, the next steps of the negotiation, financing, due diligence, legal, construction, and design can seem overwhelming. KLAS’ national network of experienced licensed real estate brokers can assist you each step of the way at no additional cost to you. Let us save you time and money by avoiding costly mistakes and identifying the right opportunities for you and your practice.


Leases are one of the best ways to leverage other people’s money!  Whether doing a startup or adding a location, a lease can be strategic in using a landlord’s property and tenant improvement allowance dollars to open an office with minimum upfront costs and money down.  This opportunity does not come without risks however.

One liability is that landlords negotiate for a living.  They are in the business of maximizing their profits by giving as little concessions as possible.  Lease negotiations require adept knowledge and strategy to maintain the best posture and leverage when negotiating a leased space.  Having the right representation on your side can mean the difference of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to you.

Listing agents are required by law to not have your best interest in mind as their fiduciary is to the landlord. KLAS has vetted and developed a national network of licensed real estate associates who specialize in tenant representation as a legal fiduciary to the tenant. Our partners understand how to posture and identify landlord thresholds for the highest Tenant Improvement Allowances and lowest rents. Again, there are no additional fees, as tenant representation commissions are customarily built into a listing agent’s contract regardless of the negotiation.

Lease Renewals

Lease renewals are the number one transaction where a practice is taken advantage of in commercial real estate.  What practices are typically unaware of, is the fact that they are also considered a blue-chip tenant to the landlord.

No landlord will inform you of just how valuable you are to them, because they would risk you realizing you can negotiate more in concessions and or a reduced lease rate.  KLAS will assure your practice the same level of real estate advocacy and representation as any fortune 500 company would have working on their behalf.  Basing your renewal terms on what your neighbors are paying can be a costly mistake.

KLAS has vetted and developed a national network of qualified licensed real estate brokers who can help you without charging any fees, maintain professional care preserving the landlord / tenant relationship, and with full transparency. The last thing anyone wants is to find themselves in a now strained relationship or worse terms due to unprofessional service. We can get you started with your Lease Evaluation to review what savings may be available. Ideally, you should be sure to start your review 9 – 18 months prior to your lease expiration.

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