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Opening your first dental practice is one of the most significant transitions you’ll make in your career. KLAS Solutions Start-Up Program was developed to assist you in navigating the opening of you practice in the most efficient and cost-effective manner as possible. The information we provide with help build the framework for your success as a practice owner. In this workbook, you’ll learn the critical first steps to practice success:

  • Defining your goals
  • Developing a plan and timeline
  • Managing your financial profile
  • Selecting your “Team”

We provide you step-by-step guidance from our first conversation through the first year of ownership. Our goals are to arm you with proven information so you can begin this process with confidence. We have used this blueprint with our clients for many years with proven results.

Do your research and commit to the plan.

Being a business owner is a fulltime commitment that requires 100% focus and attention on the business. Be prepared to operate like a CEO not a dentist. As soon as you make up your mind to take this journey, start to explore the unknowns that lie ahead. As you filter through the advice and information, we suggest connecting with a consultant to help build a team of trusted advisers that we call the “Team”. If you are interested in hearing more about how KLAS Solutions can help, please contact us.

Where to Start

Much like building a home, any good business that is built for longevity is built with a strong foundation. We believe your vision of your business is the foundation by which all decisions are made about your business moving forward.

As a business owner, you will have the ability to take control of your life and professional schedule in a way you’ve never thought possible as long as you have a plan! Contact us and we will give you some ideas of how to develop the vision of your new practice.


We are happy to discuss your startup needs and clarify any questions you may have.  Please reach out to us via the form below or call us at 844-552-7100.  We are looking forward to discussing your transition project.

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