Practice Transitions

At KLAS we have well defined workflows to systematically guide both buyers and sellers from initial engagement, through closing and beyond.  We understand the process can be stressful so we are right there with you managing the process from start to finish.


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    Why partner with us for your Transition?

    The KLAS Difference

    We are results driven.  Here is what sets us apart from the rest..

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    You will be surrounded by trusted experts with integrity

    We work with partners in all facets of dental practice transitions and management to ensure we are able to support you whenever you need us.  Some transition companies are solely focused on the practice transition and really do not understand the business of dentistry and how the real estate plays into the process of finding the right buyer and getting the most out of the time and investment you've made your whole career.

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    We engage in respectable deals only

    We want Seller and Buyer to have long lasting rapport and trust through transparency and encourage Buyers to have good due diligence to mitigate dismay at the 11th hour. The Industry norm is to push deals through quickly without Buyer’s proper due diligence or even legal representation which creates tremendous liability for both Seller and Buyer.

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    Zero retainer or deposit fees

    Put simply, there will be more money in your pocket when you partner with KLAS when buying your practice. The industry often charges $3k-$5k and up to as much as $10k just to engage Practice Transition services on the front end. Many will keep the retainer if a transaction does not occur.

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    Lower fee structure than our competitors

    KLAS provides the most favorable and fair fee structure in the industry, equating to tens of thousands in savings to you.

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    We market our practice to qualified buyers only

    We vet and then interview qualified buyers to ensure the right match and minimize risk of the deal not going through. Some competitors just want to close deals fast to get the commission regardless if it is a right fit for both sides.

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    100% of the transition process is managed by our team

    Our team provides experts with financial, operational, legal and real estate expertise who all work together on your behalf to secure a transaction that meets your goals.

    Transition Consulting Areas

    Full Service Management from Start to Finish!

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    Assistance in navigating the process of establishing your first practice

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    Sell your practice

    8 Steps to Success for Sellers Program guides you from start to finish

    Buy Practice

    Buy your practice

    7 Step Buyer Success Program will make the process smooth and efficient

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    Buyer advocate program

    Research, evaluation and negotiation assistance

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    Associate Placement

    Profile analysis, candidate search & due diligence

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    Review available listings or submit your own practice for sale

    Transition Success Stories...

    This could be you! Free initial consultation.


    Not sure where to start? We are happy to discuss your transition needs and clarify any questions you may have.  Please reach out to us via the form below or call us at 844-552-7100.  We are looking forward to discussing your transition project.