Mentor Program – Actual client results!

Mentor Program - Actual client results!

Mentor Program Success

"Molly Jones"
Case Study

Doctor’s Objectives

  • Increase cash flow and savings (One-year plan)

She is working with Phil Cole in the mentorship program and he reviews her personal expenses

  • Develop protocols for sleep/Myobrace/TMD

She is taking a course in October, but it would be beneficial to start creating a list of possible candidates so when she is ready to role out her program, she has scheduled patients

  • Adjust the current work flow

This will allow her to increase cash flow to be able to offer employee benefits
(retirement/bonuses) and prepare for upcoming needs such as expansion or associate

  • Time Management

Although they are extremely busy, it is a ‘chaotic busy’ rather than a ‘productive busy’

  • Have a work plan for retirement/investing (Five-year plan)
  • Do less general dentistry and more sleep/Myobrace/VIVOS

This can’t happen until she has an associate who can take care of the patients basic restorative needs

  • Begin an exit strategy (Ten-year plan)
Mentor Program - Actual client results!

“KLAS Solutions has helped my practice be put into the right situation for the growth and expansion I need. Now we are putting our plan together and implementing it to reach my goals.”    - Dr. Jones

Mentor Program - Actual client results!

Doctor names have been changed to protect their privacy. All case study statistics are factual and confirmed.

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