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Coaching Proven Process

At KLAS Solutions, we understand how challenging it can be to run a dental office. You spend hours and hours managing your staff, putting out fires, and dealing with the pressures of numerous administrative responsibilities.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with no end in sight, KLAS Solutions is here to help. We will reduce your management stress, improve teamwork, and increase patient flow. We are here to listen to you, help identify areas for growth, and take your practice to the next level!

Identifying Your Areas of Need
We will start with a conversation to get to know you, your dreams, goals, and specific concerns. The purpose is to understand your unique needs and determine how we can best support your practice to ensure it continues to grow and thrive.

Comprehensive Practice Health Assessment
If coaching is your priority, our team will start with a comprehensive Practice Health Assessment (PHA). Just like you evaluate every aspect of a patient’s oral health to create a fully customized treatment plan, we’ll assess every aspect of your practice to determine the areas that need work. From team dynamics to capacity, patient base, demographics, marketing plan, schedule effectiveness, financials, and your break-even point, we’ve got you covered. Your PHA will evaluate over 100 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to reveal the areas of coaching from which your practice would benefit the most.

Reviewing the Results
Upon completion of your comprehensive Practice Health Assessment, our KLAS Solutions experts will share the results with you. Our team will go over the areas of your practice that require enhancement and discuss what type and how many coaching days we recommend. We offer coaching and mentoring in three areas, Team and Leadership, Business Systems, and Clinical Systems.

Your Customized Coaching Program
Based on our comprehensive Practice Health Assessments and our conversations with you, we will design a customized program and schedule days with you and your team for onsite or virtual coaching. Your unique and customized program will incorporate dental practice coaches over the course of 12-18 months with interwoven visits, so you and your team can have full support from each of your coaches.

Each performance visit will focus entirely on your specific goals and vision. We incorporate team-building exercises throughout the program and are here to help your team overcome any hurdles or areas of challenge. We will execute our agreed-upon plan and provide you with a Client Report as a summary of our visits and an outline of the agreed-upon actions to implement between our coaching visits.

Results-Focused Solutions
At the end of each visit, we encourage you to complete a survey. Your feedback will allow us to address any challenges or concerns as they arise. After we fulfill the coaching engagement, we will provide you with a document of accomplishments. That will include a comparison of where your practice was and the growth you experienced after coaching with KLAS Solutions.

Get Started Today
Operating a dental practice doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With over 300 years of combined experience, our coaches at KLAS Solutions have seen it all. There isn’t an area in your practice that we can’t help you with.

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level? We invite you to tap into our dental practice coach’s extensive experience and expertise. You will not regret it. Contact us to get started today!

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