Custom Coaching

Running a dental practice has never been more challenging. Phones are ringing, staff need to be managed and fires put out.  You likely spend hours each day focused on business, staffing or operational issues and carry all the pressures and responsibilities of these administrative functions.  Patient care is negatively impacted...but we can help.

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Practice Health Assessments

Thorough review of your practice to determine strategy and areas of focus


Personalized Performance Plans

Customized coaching incorporating business, clinical, team & leadership review

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Comprehensive business vision and financial review including BEP & KPI's

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KPI Monitoring

Advanced business metric analysis to ensure operational efficiency and growth

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OSHA | GHS Training

Customized training and coaching to effectively meet compliance requirements

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In Office Membership Plan

Create your ideal dental membership plan.

Expert Guidance Awaits

Our experienced team of coaches and consultants are ready to listen to you, help identify your pain points and take your practice to the next level. Start today. You will not regret it.