10 Strategies To Increase Your Practice’s Sale Value

10 Strategies To Increase Your Practice's Sale Value

Even though practice values continue to soar, not every dentist will benefit. Without proper planning and preparation, you could end up with as little as 50 percent of your practice’s true value. Here’s a look at ten strategies that will help increase the sales value of the practice you’ve worked so hard to build and…

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Effective Leadership: An Essential for Every Successful Practice

Effective Leadership

You don’t have to be born a “natural leader.” With training, everyone can grow and learn new skills to become a great leader.Here are some questions for self-reflection:1. Do I Lead By Example? Leadership starts with you. Leading by example is what successful leaders do. Not only will you inspire your team to strive for excellence,…

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Part Two: Equity Strategies if You Own the Real Estate

Real Estate

At the risk of stating the obvious, real estate ownership builds equity over time. For many physician groups, there is a benefit to unlocking that capital which would otherwise stay in the building and putting it better use. If you own the real estate that you practice out of, a Sale Leaseback transaction can be…

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Notice for BCBSM Providers

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

DentaQuest Jan 15, 2020 Notice for BCBSM Providers related to incorrect benefit info for members IMPORTANT!   There are approximately 2,500 commercial groups that are currently reflecting incorrect benefits in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan systems.   This impacts how covered benefits are appearing in the portal for your patients.  Below are some examples:  Member is showing covered…

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