How Implementing Our Soft Tissue Program Enhanced Hygiene Revenue By 200%

Benefits of A Soft Tissue Management Program

As a practicing dental hygienist for over 25 years, an educator, speaker and coach; I have had the privilege of observing and mentoring dental hygiene teams. Overall, hygienists have a strong desire to do what is ethically, morally, and more importantly, legally right for our patients. However, it became clear to me that the lack…

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Mentor Program – Actual client results!

Mentor Program - Actual client results!

Mentor Program Success “Molly Jones”Case Study Doctor’s Objectives Increase cash flow and savings (One-year plan)She is working with Phil Cole in the mentorship program and he reviews her personal expensesDevelop protocols for sleep/Myobrace/TMDShe is taking a course in October, but it would be beneficial to start creating a list of possible candidates so when she is…

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