Mentor Program – Actual client results!

Mentor Program - Actual client results!

Mentor Program Success “Molly Jones”Case Study Doctor’s Objectives Increase cash flow and savings (One-year plan)She is working with Phil Cole in the mentorship program and he reviews her personal expensesDevelop protocols for sleep/Myobrace/TMDShe is taking a course in October, but it would be beneficial to start creating a list of possible candidates so when she is…

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A Case Study In Selling Your Dental Practice

Case Studies

SituationAn agreed upon asset purchase of a dental practice was stalled due to disagreement over the real estate purchase price.Seller perspective—Seller arrived at a purchase price using an appraisal he received along with additional subjective estimated value add.Buyer’s perspective—Buyer believed the seller was asking $125,000 too much for the real estate purchase due to “comps”…

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